Gisele Acknowledging a Goodell Clown Shirt in the Middle of Her Post-Super Bowl Dance is Pure Bliss




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As we take a look at the play from another angle angle, we see that as Gisele was celebrating the winning drive of the Super Bowl with her Earth-shattering hair shake/booty dance for the ages, it turns out that finger point and fist pump she gave was to … a Barstool Roger Goodell Clown shirt.

Still don’t know who we are, you sniveling little homunculus? The world’s most successful business woman/supermodel/fashion icon/mother/wife/human female took a moment from her euphoria to drop a steamer on your empty ginger head. In the midst of her husband’s greatest triumph, she paused to pay respect to his greatest defenders. For all the times New England has called you an asshole, no one has ever said it better than Gisele in this moment.

And the guy who pushed the shirt away so because it was in the way of his video can so straight to hell. Viva.

[h/t Neal Flaherty/Aria, North End]

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