Get Me This Boston Strong Goalie Mask!


bostonstronghelmet 375625_201187106700178_2080975034_n


  From Facebook

Listen there is only one person in America who deserves to wear this goalie mask and that’s the people’s goalie. AKA me. Ok maybe Tuukka but that’s it.  Me and him. I mean everybody has seen it. I’ve just been laying it all on the line lately. Stoning everybody and everything in site. Stopping shit in my sleep. And nobody manhunted harder than I did. Practically caught the terrorists from my computer. So it just seems like a no brainer that I wear this mask next time I step inbetween the pipes. My only problem is I don’t know how to buy it or win it or whatever. If I have to stone somebody so be it. Just tell me how to get this mask.   I want Taylor Hall, Logan Couture and Whitney next in that order.   Set em up.  Knock em down.

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