George Brett Threatens To Shoot Some Guy Who Keeps Asking Him For Autographs


KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) – Hall of Famer George Brett says he regrets using inappropriate language with an autograph hound, but he said he was tired of dealing with the man that he considers a stalker.  Brandon Farrens said he was waiting to get Brett’s autograph when the Royals great arrived at Kansas City International Airport on Wednesday. Farrens used his smartphone to record the encounter. The video was posted to YouTube later that night. Brett gave his autograph, but in a profanity-laced tirade indicated that it would be the last one that he would ever give the fan, who had previous run-ins with Brett.

“If I ever see you (expletive) again, I’m going to shoot your (expletive) ass, do you understand?” Brett says. Farrens then uses an expletive before pleading with Brett. But as Brett is walking away, Farrens calls him an “asshole.” Brett then appears to walk back Farrens. The 17-second video then abruptly ends. Farrens said he has asked for Brett’s signature about 35 times and gotten it about 15 times. He does consider himself an autograph collector and admits that he has sold Brett’s autographs before. “All he had to say was, ‘no’ or ignore me,” Farrens told KCTV5 over the phone early Thursday morning.


Fuck this autograph hound. If I was George then I’d want to shoot his ass too. Guy has asked for an autograph 35 times and all he does is sell them. Now he’s acting like some victim because he got threatened with murder? Shut up bro. How about stop being a blood sucking stalker? That’d be a good first step to not getting shot dead. And yes, I do think George Brett has it in him to actually shoot this dude. That’s not a temper you want to test.   Anyway whose the pitchers in this game…..





And yes this is still tip 5 videos the internet has ever made……Maybe #1.

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