Fung Wah Pulls All Their Buses Off The Road After Inspectors Find The Entire Fleet Has Cracks in Them And Shit – The Fung Wah bus company has taken almost its entire fleet off the road following inspections by the state Department of Public Utilities that found structural cracks in 21 of the company’s 28 buses. The frame cracks, located in the drive axle, rear axle, engine cradle, and other locations, posed serious safety issues, said Ann Berwick, chairwoman of the utilities department. The DPU has referred the matter to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Fung Wah voluntarily took the buses out of service Saturday evening and started running charter buses in their place, reducing its service between Boston and New York from every half hour to every hour, said Stephen Squibb, manager of South Station, where Fung Wah operates. The DPU has never pulled this many buses out of service, Berwick said. Fung Wah officials declined to comment.

I love how Fung Wah said they pulled the broken buses off the road. Yeah right they did. Listen if you believe that I got 20 pallets of Ball Don’t Lie shirts to sell you.  Probably just put some white out over the name and didn’t break stride. I mean since when does the Fung Wah give a flying fuck that their buses have cracks in them.  They’ve been driving with defective buses for the past 30 years.  Just tearing down the MA Pike bursting into flames and shit. It’s like cannonball run every time they pull out of the station. I ain’t mad at them. When you charge a nickel to get from Boston to NYC you assume some risk. Death becomes in play. That’s what makes the Fung Wah the Fung Wah. Can you get from Boston to NY for 10 cents and without dying? That’s the beauty and terror of the Fung Wah and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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