Florida State Trooper Gives A State Rep A Break On His Speeding Ticket So Naturally The State Rep Reports Him And Gets the Trooper Fired

I don’t want a Large Farva, I want a goddamn liter of cola.


DM A state trooper decided to drop a speeding charge on a local politician down from $250 to $10 because he was ‘trying to be nice’. That kind- and unethical- gesture then cost the trooper his job. Charles Swindle was fired from his job as a highway trooper in Florida after he gave state official Charles McBurney a significantly cheaper ticket because he was allegedly trying to ‘cut him a break’. The Tampa Bay Times reports that the truly unusual twist in this incident was that the politician who was so offended by the gesture that he reported the trooper to his superior. Mr McBurney, who is a state representative, complained to Colonel David Brierton of the Florida Highway Patrol and Swindle was fired a week later.


What a fucking cocksucker Charles McBurney is. Typical politician. When normal people get pulled over they cross their fingers for a break. Why? Because it costs less money, because it won’t go against your insurance, normal reasons. Charles McBurney crosses his finger for a break so he can report the trooper and run his campaign on him being a “normal” guy who levels with his constituents. Fuck you dude. Doesn’t matter that literally everybody gets breaks once in a while when caught speeding. Charles McBurney is a senator, a state senator, so the trooper must have been acting inappropriately. Fuck you dude. You think you’re being a good guy to your voters but in reality you just totally boned them because now every trooper will be scared to give out breaks. Typical politician: act like you’re doing good meanwhile you’re just bending every Regular Joe over a barrel.

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