Fitchburg Teacher Placed On Leave For Posing Nude Is A Bit Of A Smoke

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Source)An assistant special ed teacher named Kaitlin Pearson has been put on administrative leave in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Her crime? In her free time, she poses nude and makes money as a model. Even though the side gig hasn’t negatively impacted her work, South Street Elementary decided to remove her.


Such a difficult situation for me right here. Because on the one hand, Kaitlin Pearson is hot. I like looking at her naked. I like looking at her fake-fucking another hot chick. So I’d like to be her white knight, and ride in yelling at school administrators for being uppity pricks who are stifling her sexual awakening. But, on the other hand, you absolutely cannot take pictures where you’re fake-eating another chick’s pussy if you’re a special needs teacher at a public school. You just can’t do it. So, I’ll give South Street Elementary my stamp of approval, they did the right thing. Can’t have a bunch of special needs kids beating off in the back of class because their teacher is naked all over the internet. That’s a bad learning environment.



h/t PP Dulce

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