T-Shirt Update: Money Raised By The Stoolies So Far – $25,380.00 (Shirts Will Be Back On Sale Tomorrow Morning At 10am)




Money Raised – $25,380.00


I got to be honest.  I think the only people who truly understand how powerful the Stoolies are are other Stoolies.  We put these donation shirts on sale at 9:50pm on a Saturday Night.  By the morning we’d raised 10K.   I reblogged them at noon.  Within an hour the shirt company who runs the store was red flagged and shut down by their bank because money was coming in too fast for it to be real.  But not before Stoolies had raised an additional 15K bringing the the total to 25K for the cause.   I’m talking 15K in 45 minutes!   I’ve been screaming at people trying to get the store back online all day, but due to it being a Sunday and general incompetence I couldn’t get it done.  It sucks because I know we would have been over 100K by now.  So for all those looking to buy the shirts that ABC World News just featured please be patient.   The store will be back online tomorrow at 10am and we’ll be full speed ahead.

As I said yesterday all proceeds from the sales of these shirts will go directly to victims of the marathon bombings.  Whether it be all terrain wheelchairs, house repairs, medical bills, victim funds, first responders etc.  We just want to raise as much money as possible and we’ll figure it out once the dust settles.  But here is what I can guarantee you.  Proceeds from these shirts will go directly to those in need and worthy causes.   Barstool will not make 1 cent off these shirts.  We’ll keep all the Stoolies updated on how many shirts we sell and how much money we raise and exactly where every penny goes.

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