File This In the Category Of Things That Never Cease To Amaze Me: Feitleberg Hasn’t Used Voicemail For 12 Years



So I just tried to call Feitleberg and per usual his voicemail wasn’t set up so I couldn’t leave him a message. Probably top 5 biggest pet peeves of mine in my life. Being a Barstool employee is like being a doctor. You are always on call. He said he was in the bathroom. Who doesn’t take the phone into the bathroom with them? Whatever. That’s neither here nor there. The point is he seems stunned that I use voicemail still. He says he hasn’t left a message or received a voicemail in 12 years. WHAT? That is the most preposterous thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Who the fuck doesn’t use voicemail? I can kind of understand never leaving a message, but not letting people leave you a voicemail? How can anybody in the real world do that? The crazy thing is my sales guy Louis agrees with him. What type of idiots do I have working here? Louis said he just calls back every missed call he gets. HUH? So you just call back random unknown numbers? Like basically just star 69 everybody? Telemarketers, weirdos, wrong numbers etc. You just call em all back. Fucking insane. I just don’t get how you don’t think giving people the ability to leave you a message is important. You never know who is trying to get in touch and spare me if it’s that important they’ll call back. You never know when opportunity knocks but when it does you better be ready to answer the door or at least take a fucking message.   You just can’t be taken seriously as a human if you don’t have voicemail.



Feitelberg Note: This is the oldest Pres has ever sounded. No one under 30 uses voicemail. Even if they have it, they don’t check it. If I’m taking a shit (I had my laptop with me, not my phone, which is why I immediately replied to the email and didn’t answer the call) and my phone is in the living room, I’ll see the missed call when I come out. If it’s from someone important (like my boss), I will immediately call back. I don’t return calls to telemarketers, weirdos, wrong numbers, grand parents because I see who the call was from when I check my phone. No one uses *69, my 21st century phone has caller ID. I physically see the number. It’s not magic.


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