FBI Director Comey Admits He Hates the Patriots


Jesus H. Could the Patriots be any more inside the heads of everyone in the country? You make a reference to the election and the head of the FBI, America’s top cop the tabloid headlines like to say, can’t stop thinking about how much he hates the Pats. Not the mob. Not the Russians. Not drug gangs or kiddie porn sites on the Dark Web. The Patriots.

Even on a day when the FBI does the team a solid by recovering Brady’s jersey that was smuggled out of the country, the goodwill lasts only as long as J. Edgar Comey here gets in front of a microphone and confesses to the world how much he roots against them. I imagine any day now we’ll start reading leaked transcripts of Mr. Kraft’s dinner with Trump or the wiretapped phone calls between Belichick and Sean Payton. I guess all we can do it hope that Comey doesn’t start blaming the Pats for the Russian hacking and cost us next year’s draft picks.

No wonder Whitey Bulger ran circles around these guys.


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