FBI And NSA Directors Say Russia Hates Hillary Clinton, Is Our Adversary, And Trump’s Wiretapping Claims Were Complete Bullshit


Sup? We talkin’ Congressional hearings. Today we had the directors of both the FBI and NSA (think about the things these dudes know) testify to the House Intelligence Committee about some fun times; wiretapping claims, Putin hating Hillary, Russia undermining our entire Democracy, and more!

Is the above true? Untrue? Somewhat True? Is Trump an idiot? Is Trump a great leader standing against the political and intelligence establishment? Is he a Russian puppet? None of the above? All of the above?

FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Admiral Michael Rogers took the stage to talk about happenings related to the above questions. Let’s take a look.


A couple weeks ago, Trump tweeted out the very serious wiretapping allegations against Barry.

This came out of NO WHERE, and just a few days after Trump’s joint session speech. It made every headline not about the Trump agenda, but about wild wiretapping claims. Think about the implications of the sitting president wiretapping a presidential candidate just weeks before the election?

Trump provided zero evidence. Comey testified on these claims.

Translation: Comey carefully and politically says Trump’s wiretapping tweets and subsequent accusations are complete bullshit. Think about how ridiculous it is that our president just launched those tweets with no proof.

This pretty much marks everyone you can possibly list, from inside the Trump administration to the intelligence community to former Republican administration officials, that have denounced Trump’s wiretapping claims.

Russian Meddling

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 12.31.26 PM

This is pretty clear: Comey says Russia hated Hillary, preferred Trump, and sought to undermine our democracy in the process. What’s not clear is this: Did Putin prefer Trump simply because he hates Hillary and likes to work with people he likes, or is there some deeper-seeded plan that will elevate Russia and harm the U.S.?

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 1.00.20 PM

According to the testimony, it could be either or both. Should note: both Comey and Rogers stated there is no evidence Russia’s meddling affected the electoral process.

Reminder: the waters have been so muddied, both sides will be accused of extreme bias and agenda. Hence why I’m here; I may be dumb, but I’m fair.

Important exchange here: the two directors state definitively that Russia IS OUR ADVERSARY.


Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 1.48.38 PM

This is probably the most¬†important point underlining this entire thing. No matter which side you’re on, no matter which candidate you supported, no matter which party you typically align with, both the FBI and NSA directors remind you that Russia seeks FIRST AND FOREMOST to elevate Russia and to do it at America’s expense. They’re not meddling to “make America great again”; they’re meddling to make Russia > USA.

We can laugh all we want at how hilarious Putin is. We can even marvel his relentless commitment to the hardoooo image and point to the humor of a Trump/Putin superpower bromance, but at the end of the day Russia is out to make Russia as strong and powerful as possible, and to do that by making America as weak and vulnerable as possible.

Final Thoughts

It’s pretty simple — every Russian international scandal/double agent/spy movie ever has been spot on. The KGB IS Russia and Russia is sketchy as fuck in their pursuit to be world no. 1. They assassinate people from Moscow to London to DC, pose shirtless with horses, cheat in the Olympics, and cyberattack American political institutions to undermine our elections and pit everyone against each other.

Basically the FBI and NSA directors could’ve walked out and said, “Russia gonna Russia,” we all response, “ahhhh,” and everyone’s on the same page.


PS — They’ll be back.

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