Fall River Doing It Big! Crowd Cheers And Chants “Innocent” As Hernandez Convoy Leaves The Courthouse


Fucking Fall River huh?  How stupid are these morons?  Hey assholes why are you cheering for him?   Let’s forget the fact he killed a guy for a second. Do you know what happens if he beats the rap?   He’ll go play for the Ravens and shove it up our asshole every year.  The Pats are done with him forever regardless of whether he’s found guilty or not.  Murder is not the Patriot way.  Hell the Pats fucking blocked him on twitter.   For real.  There is no mending fences once you’ve been twitter blocked.  So stop cheering for him like dickheads. He better damn well get convicted or else we’re fucked.   Not only would he have gotten away with murder but we’ll be playing against him on Sundays.  Wake up.


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