ESPN Pulling Out Of The PBS Concussions In The NFL Documentary Has Reminded Me How Angry I Still Am About Playmakers



Lot of people worked up about this today. ESPN has been working on a documentary with PBS for 15 months. It’s called “League of Denial” and was all about the concussion problem in the NFL. And the running theory is that ESPN backed out under pressure from Goodell, because apparently he believes no one in America has heard of concussions in the NFL and a PBS documentary will ruin the league.


Well to be honest, I don’t really care about ESPN pulling out because I don’t really care about this documentary. I definitely would have watched but I doubt it would have told me anything I don’t already know: football is a very dangerous game and team doctors tell guys they can play when the shouldn’t and then those guys get brain damage and kill themselves. Everyone who’s watched a down of football knows that.


What we DON’T know is how the Cougars battle back from missing the playoffs last season. We don’t know if Demetrius Harris kicked his crack and coke habit and lived up to his potential as a future star in “The League.” We don’t know if everyone eventually accepted that gay tight end or if Leon Taylor ended up working out as a sports anchor or decided to keep fighting for his job at running back. These are the questions that keep me up at night, ESPN. This is what pisses me off about you bowing down to Fuhrer Goodell. Not some investigative journalism which tells us men that are paid handsomely to do a dangerous job sometimes get seriously injured. I want to know what the fuck happened in Playmakers!

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