Eric Randall From Boston Magazine Refuses To Link To Barstool Sports Because We’re Disgusting



Bostonmagazine – The furor started when Lynch, 22 of Michigan, posted photos to Instagram and Twitter of her Halloween costume. Dressed in running clothes and a marathon bib, with blood spattered over her body, she poses nonchalantly in what appears to be a workplace. Finding holiday inspiration in the horror and suffering from that day is, obviously, pretty reprehensible. And so, strangers on Twitter and in website comments sections did what the internet does too well. They attacked, often aiming their Tweets at her Twitter handle, @SomeSKANKinMI. (What a lovely username.) There was chastising: And there was bullying. Eventually, people started posting her workplace, her address, her phone number, her parental information, and nude photos that they alleged depicted her to the internet, urging others to tell her how they felt, or worse, ruin her life. See, for instance, this screenshot of the Barstool Sports, a popular religious cult that believes women are inhuman sex objects sports blog. (We redacted her dad’s website so as not to add to his issues, and we’re not linking to Barstool because there’s some horrifying talk of raping her in there. Barstool, you’re disgusting.)




I’m getting pretty sick and tired of this shit. Oh this guy won’t link to Barstool because there is some horrifying talk of raping this chick in there? In where? In the anymomous comment section? Well then you shouldn’t link to twitter either because there is some pretty nasty shit on there too. And you shouldn’t link to facebook. And you shouldn’t link to reddit. And you shouldn’t link to ESPN. And you shouldn’t link to youtube. And you shouldn’t link to any website that has unfiltered comments. Ever check out the comments on hot chick’s Instagram pictures? Scariest shit I’ve ever seen.  Seriously has any website besides us that is read by millions of people ever been defamed by what 20 morons in the comment section say? It just makes no sense. I mean why doesn’t he equate all the awful shit said on Twitter to their founder or all the awful shit said on Facebook to Zuckerberg?  It’s bizzaro world.

Every website has idiot commenters, but with us it’s always personal. Guys like Eric Randall try to act like our writers are the ones saying the stuff in the comment section. Hey buddy we didn’t tell people to harass her family. 99.9% of the people who read our site didn’t say a peep. All we did was break this story which you conveniently left out of your little rant. Yet this guy makes it seem like we wrote a blog that said this chick deserved to be raped and I was the guy that was gonna do it. Or that we directly called her parents and threatened to kill them. Newflash our comment section says worse shit about me than they do anybody else.  And more importantly any website that published that story would have had over the top comments because that’s what comment sections do regardless of the site. Oh and as far as not linking our website I don’t really give a fuck because only 12 people read to begin with. Except of course when you guys did a feature article on me being a future media mogul. That time we broke the internet for you.

PS – I don’t feel bad for this chick one iota.   Because what this idiot doesn’t realize is even after we posted this picture of this chick she was still chirping.  She refused to take it down.  She is an internet troll and tried to play it tough and lost.   But yeah let’s say she’s a victim now.

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