There Is Absolutely No Way This Guy Who Just Started Flying Over The Atlantic With 370 Helium Balloons Makes It

(Telegraph) Jonathan Trappe, 39, lifted off at 6.20am EDT in heavy fog from Caribou, Maine, with the intention of making the 2,500 mile trip across the Atlantic to Europe. Should he succeed, he would be the first ever person to cross the ocean by cluster ballooning. The journey is expected to take between three to five days, although the final destination could be anywhere.



Soooo… this guy’s dead, right? When family and friends showed up to wish him off they were just like, “OK well this is the last time we’ll ever see Jonathan,” right? I don’t know much, but I know you can’t try and make Disney/Pixar movies real. I know my toys don’t come to life when I close the door and I know you can’t “Up” your way across that Atlantic Ocean. Certainly not with less party balloons than I’ve held in my hand at one time. There are things like jet streams and lightning storms and birds to deal with. Shit that will send you right to Iceland or pop a balloon, no problem. Tough to navigate a plane over there, never mind flying in something that was built with the contents of 2 shopping bags from iParty.


RIP Jonathan Trappe.

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