Dude At Wendy’s Drive Thru Is Not Happy About The Cheese On His Hamburger



The man makes some very strong points. There is no cheese on a hamburger. None at all. It’s a “dude, you had one job” situation. Your job was to not put cheese on that microwaved piece of meat, and you fucked it up. Incompetence cannot be tolerated. There used to be a time in America when we took pride in our jobs. Didn’t matter if it was cleaning toilets or making cars or making hamburgers: we did our job full-tilt, full-time. Now it’s like no one cares. The fast food industry, America’s bread and butter, is even in a downward spiral. But I guess American fast food goes to hell when you hire non-Americans to do it and the only pay they ask for is the stale burger buns at the end of the night.

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