Does This Look Like The Mugshot Of A Smokeshow Arrested For Stabbing A Chick In the Face With Her Stilleto?

Ktul – A high-heeled shoe was the apparent weapon of choice for a Jenks woman accused of aggravated assault against another woman Sunday evening. Tulsa Police arrested Meagan Lindsay and booked her on an aggravated assault complaint late Sunday at Cain’s Ballroom. She was taken into custody following what police were originally called out for as a stabbing. Officers described in their report that a bouncer with the music venue told them that Lindsay walked up to the other woman and used “a high heeled shoe to stab her in the right side of the victim’s face.”At the scene, TPD spoke to the victim who stated that she was in a fight with Lindsay’s cousin inside Cain’s and tried to leave the location. When she went outside, Lindsay walked up to her and used her heel to stab her. When the officers on scene spoke to Lindsay, she told them that it was in self-defense and that someone warned her that the victim was coming up behind her to attack her, according to the police report.

Yummy! Papi Likes! Meagan Lindsay just put the sexy mughsot game on notice!  You hear me Meagan MCullough!  She’s coming for dat ass!  And oh by the way I so ain’t mad at this bitch either. I mean if you hear a rumor that your rival is planning on attacking you from behind you can either wait for it to happen or you can stab her in the face with a stiletto before she gets the chance. It’s cat fight 101.  I want to get so weird with this slut I can’t even stand it.

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