Does This Look Like the Face of A Man Arrested For Rubbing His Dick All Over Pepperoni At Hannafords?


WWNYTV - A Potsdam man is behind bars after being accused of public lewdness at a grocery store in Massena Wednesday night. State police arrested 41 year old John Allison of 8614 Route 11. Investigators said Allison rubbed a packaged stick of pepperoni on his exposed penis inside the Hannaford store at the St. Lawrence Plaza. Police said he then put the food back on the store shelf. According to police, a Hannaford loss prevention security officer was watching Allison on video surveillance and captured the incident on tape.


There is fucked up and then there is fucked up. This bro right here is fucked up. I mean what does rubbing your dick on a packaged stick of pepperoni accomplish? Like you don’t even know who is going to buy it.  I’m no fetish expert but that seems important.   You need to visualize who you are violating right? You have to see them pick up the pepperoni and eat it.  Seriously worst fetish ever.

PS – As a sidenote this guy is probably gay right? Because I feel like only dudes buy Peperoni at Hannafords. Am I wrong about that? Just seems like a dude item so this guy wants a guy to be sucking on his tainted pepperoni.

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