Does New Orleans Want A Blackout On Friday April 12th

I had to blog this real quick for all the Stoolies at Tulane, Loyola or in New Orleans. We’re deciding whether to do a Blackout at Sugar Mill on April 12th. I know New Orleans is an awesome city. Sometimes that’s why we don’t go to places. Like who needs a Blackout in Vegas when every night is a Blackout? But we have had lots of requests from New Orleans. So now we got to decide whether to pull the trigger. If we build it will people come?

If you are a Tulane student or live in New Orleans and want a Blackout create a facebook group and invite people. If it seems people are excited we’ll fucking come. If it seems people don’t give a fuck we won’t. Straight forward enough right?

Send all the facebook links to [email protected]

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