Does Anybody Give A Fuck About the Beanpot?


Growing up I think I went to the Beanpot like 5 years in a row with my dad. Like from ages 10-15 it was one of my favorite nights of the year. I loved it. I’d just root for whoever the underdog was. Well tonight is the 61st annual Beanpot and I haven’t heard a god damn peep about it. Do people give a shit about the Beanpot? Did people ever give a shit about the Beanpot? Or was I just little so everything seemed cool and awesome. I mean in a hockey crazed town I feel like the Beanpot has become an absolute afterthought. Hell I didn’t even know it was tonight till 5 seconds ago. I guess I’m curious where the Beanpot ranks in terms of significant Boston events. Like if Opening Day, Patriots Day, St Paddy’s Day are 10’s what is the Beanpot? A zero?

Quick Update – I just asked our intern who plays hockey at Curry whether he cares about the Beanpot.  He said it would be better if teams from Colorado played in it.  Umm worst answer ever given to anything bro.


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