Do These Look Like the Faces of a Couple That Stabbed Each Other Arguing Over The American Idol Finals?

(Solid product placement for Coors Light)


YORK, Pa. (AP)A couple face charges after police in York County say they stabbed each other during an argument over which contestant should win ‘American Idol.’ The York Dispatch reports 48-year-old Karen Elaine Harrelson and 57-year-old Gregory Stambaugh had been watching the show at Stambaugh’s West Manchester Township home on May 15.Police say they got into a drunken argument over which contestant – Candice Glover or Kree Harrison – should win the season’s title. Investigators say one went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife and stabbed the other. The person stabbed first then grabbed the knife and stabbed the other. Investigators say each told police the other stabbed first. Now, both are being held in York County Prison on assault charges.

And people wonder why our jails are overcrowded. I mean I’m not sure there can be a clearer case of no harm no foul than this. Two people just going about their business stabbing each other over American Idol. Again I reiterate stabbing each other. It’s not like one person was doing all the stabbing. It’s like offsetting penalties or a double technical. You just tell them to stop and move on. You don’t throw them both in jail. Just a huge waste of taxpayers dollars.

PS – Who still stabs each other over American Idol? Once Simon left that show was over. If you’re gonna stab somebody stab them over The Voice. Way better.

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