Diana Nyad Announces Her Next Swimming Adventure: Swimming Laps In A Pool For 48 Straight Hours



(CNN)With her decades-long dream of swimming from Cuba to Florida achieved, Diana Nyad is setting her sights on her next challenge. She’s off to do something few other people could or would. Nyad plans to swim for 48 hours in New York City. A special pool will be installed for the October 8-10 event, a fundraiser for people who lost their homes in Superstorm Sandy. “Then we’re going to take that pool to the Boston Marathon at the anniversary of that terror attack, and we’re going to swim there to help those people recover,” she said. After that, she’ll travel to Moore, Oklahoma, which was ravaged by a massive tornado earlier this year.It’s “a nice pool with no waves, no jellyfish, no seasickness,” Nyad joked. “Those 48 hours should be a piece of cake,” she told CNN’s Kate Bolduan.

Well this is the least surprising news of the day. Diana Nyad hasn’t even dried off yet and she already announced her next publicity stunt. Drum roll please……She’s gonna swim in a pool for 48 hours! Yup. That’s it. She’s just gonna swim laps in a fucking pool for 2 days. Just when you thought she couldn’t become any more insufferable she does. And since she knew nobody would give a fuck about this circus stunt she decided to use the oldest trick in the book. She’s pretending she’s doing it for charity as opposed to feeding her massive insatiable ego. Like she’s doing it to raise money for the victims of Sandy, the marathon or Oklahoma. Yeah right. You’re doing it for yourself. This is all about you and figuring out ways for you to stay in the spotlight. Listen I hate wishing death upon people because it’s an asshole thing to do, but I think I got to do it here. If not this lady is never gonna leave us alone. She’s just gonna keep terrorizing us by swimming everywhere and shit. Honestly it’s my worst nightmare. Need her to drown and I needed her to drown yesterday.

PS – People got to quit acting like she was the first one to swim from Cuba to Key West too. An Australian chick did it like 20 years ago on her first try. Only difference is she was wearing a shark cage, but who needs a shark cage when you have a team of 30 people sending electrical shocks to keep sharks away and killing all the jellyfish in your path so you don’t get bitten. She might as well have been in a pool in the first place. God I hate this bitch.

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