RI Little League Coach Dave Belisle Gave One Of The Best Post-Game Speeches Of All Time Last Night… Of All Time!

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Last night Cumberland, RI, the team representing New England in the LLWS, fell to Jackie Robinson West in a LLWS instant classic. Throughout the game, Belisle was electric. The quintessential little league coach, screaming his head off (encouraging words) at the kids with a perfect Rhode Island accent. The perfect mix of playing to win, but making sure his kids were enjoying the shit out of the moment.  But after the game is where he really sealed the deal. Anyone watching was ready to go put on a little league uni for him. It was one of those scenes that you kind of half pay attention to after the game, expecting it to be riddled with cliches. But about a minute in your ears perked up and everyone realized “Holy shit, this is pretty amazing.” Hats off to Belisle and Cumberland. You had the whole state jumpin, you had New England jumpin, you had ESPN jumpin!



PS – If you don’t know who the Belisles are they’re like the Kennedys of hockey in Rhode Island. They’re responsible for roughly 10,000 state championships at Mt. St. Charles.


PPS – Does Mount still have chain link fence for the glass? Felt like you were paying in the Soviet Union.

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