Craigslist Ad Of The Day: Anyone Want To Take A Shit On This Amherst Chick?


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OK so before I proceed, I know this post may gross some of you out. I understand why it would, but just know that this is a fantasy that I’ve always wanted to try.


So here it goes… I’m looking for a guy to take a shit on me. I’d like a sexy, good looking guy in the 18-35 age range that would be interested in coming to my place. I will have a beach chair with a hole cut in it so you can sit, I will lay with my face directly under the hole. Take a huge dump on me, wipe and leave. If you could talk dirty to me (haha no pun intended) while you do it that would be hot too. I’m 5’7″, thin & petite, blonde, grn eyes. Send me a pic if interested (face or a shot of the toilet full of your sh.. or both). I will send face/body pic back. I’m available tonight or tomorrow.




I honestly think this girl is really hot. Not like her fantasy is hot, but I’d bet she’s just an attractive girl. Because I like how she specified that she wants a good looking person to shit on her. Seriously, I feel like that makes a huge difference. She’s totally down with getting pooped on, just not by an ugly person. That matters. Like if she was down for just any old, hairy, fat guy to come drop heat on her face then she’d be a pig. But we’re talking about a classy fecal fetishist here. A girl who appreciates beauty, even when it comes to a Cleveland Steamer. You want me to take a dump on your chest, lady? It would be an honor… and a privilege.


PS – good luck explaining to your friends why you have a toilet sized hole in your beach chair.



h/t Will

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