Couple Comes Home From Their Honeymoon To Find Their Friends Covered The Inside Of Their House With 14,000 Post-It Notes


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Daily Mail- This is the moment a couple returning from a relaxing week-long honeymoon came home to discover their house had been covered in 14,000 post-it notes.  Jamie and Emily Pharro had enjoyed a week in Lake Garda, Italy, after getting married in front of close friends and family on August 1.  The trusting pair had left a set of keys with friends who were meant to pop in every day to feed their cats.  ‘Our living room has got glass panels in the door, so we could see as soon as we got inside what they’d done and then we saw the camera,’ said Mrs Pharro afterwards. ‘The notes were all over the living room walls and everything. I think that in a few weeks we’ll still be finding the odd one about!’ the 29-year-old added.   Every nook and cranny of their kitchen and living room was covered, including the inside of their washing machine and television which bears the message: ‘so sorry’.  After seeing their friends fill another couple’s house with 3,000 balloons, Mrs Pharro said she expected to be on the receiving end of their practical jokes. 


How pissed would you be if this happened to you?  Obviously your friends were just playing a prank on you and thought it’d be funny.  And it is funny, at least at first.  It’s hilarious how they took the time to cover the entire inside of your house with 14,000 Post-It notes while you were on your honey moon.  Classic.  It looks cool and it’s kinda sweet your friends would put forth that much effort to fuck with you.  But then you realize you have to clean all those Post-It notes up and it gets less fun.  A lot less fun.  Maybe it’s even fun at first.  Like, “Oh my god.  I still can’t believe they did this.  What a bunch of rascals” but by around the 6,000th Post-It note you’ve picked up you want to kill your friends and anyone within a 5 mile radius.  Think of it like when someone tickles you.  Sure, a little is okay but there’s a fine line between wholesome fun and a murder scene.  5,ooo Post-It notes?  Wholesome fun.  Maybe even 7,000 Post-It notes is still wholesome fun.  But 14,000 Post-It notes?  That’s a murder scene waiting to happen.


PS- This is the face of a guy who spent an entire week with his new wife and realized she’s the woman he’s set to spend the rest of his life with and he just came home to a house covered in Post-It notes and fuck everything.  Way to think it through.


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