Clicking “Sympathize” On A Facebook Post Would Be The Biggest Asshole Move You Can Make

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(Source)Facebook is considering making a big change. Developers are experimenting with a “sympathize” button, so your friends can show their support without having to “like” something, according to a new report. The Huffington Post reports developers liked the idea of the “sympathize” button when an engineer introduced it at a recent Facebook hackathon. Many users were hoping Facebook would add a “dislike” button. But the social media site has reportedly chosen to go with sympathy instead of negativity. Developers say they idea would be to give users the option of choosing how they’re feeling from a drop down list of emotions. If you select a negative emotion like “depressed,” then the “like” button would automatically be changed to “sympathize.”




Just putting this out there: if any of my Facebook friends ever intentionally select their status to “depressed” and hope that people “sympathize” with their post then they’re getting unfriended astoundingly fast. Going through all that is begging for attention. Yeah, it’s understood that basically every status update is saying either “look at me!!!” or “feel bad for me!!!” but it’s usually more veiled than that. There’s usually some attempt to mask it. Switching up the emotions on a post is just coming out and saying “my life sucks and the only time I don’t want to kill myself is when I’m on the internet so please sympathize with me!”



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