Chick Police Officer In Trouble For Sending Naked Pics To Her Subordinate

DMA female police lieutenant has been demoted after she sent sexually explicit videos and a raunchy photograph in her uniform to a lower-ranking officer, authorities said today. Diana Lopez, who was a public information officer in Tucson, was in a relationship with the male officer at the time. Police said on Monday that Lopez used her personal cell phone to send the videos and photos. Lopez was reduced to the rank of sergeant following an investigation that began last August 2012. She now works in the operations division. It is believed that 13 people might have seen the footage – however no one admitted to it. The racy clips were never uncovered but there is ‘no doubt they exist’, authorities said. Police say Lopez violated several department regulations, code of ethics and professional standards. They say a recommendation was made to reduce her in rank.

Let’s get a few things straight.

1. Everyone sends naked pics. It’s the 21st century. People used to be considered a prude if they didn’t fuck but now if you’re not sending midday clit shots then you’ve already got one foot out the door.

2. Everyone shows naked pics to everyone. Not saying every guy is looking to send the photoshoot to Ex GF but he’s probably going to show his buddies.

3. People only send pics where they think they look hot as hell so who gives a fuck? You know how chicks look at the digital camera after every pic and scan it for 20 minutes? Looking for a single blemish like they’re looking for Waldo in the candy cane factory? Well multiply that by 1000 if their pussy and tits are in the pic. They’re like bears who go into hibernation. Shave before they take the pic and by the time they come out of the bathroom with their favorite shot they have a full bush again. They know the look hot as shit in that picture and deep down, really don’t care if you show it to other people because of that.

So I don’t see the problem with anything that happened. It’s what happens in every relationship in the country. Consenting adults shared naked pics. That’s as common as passing a “Do you like me? Check yes or no” note nowadays. If a sext or two in some sexy policewoman’s outfit is still illegal then we need to take a closer look at the laws.

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