Cards Make A Series Of It


Baseball has been played for 200 years.     Two things haven’t changed since the beginning of time.  Walks and errors will kill you.  Yesterday it killed the Cardinals.  Today it killed us.   I’m not shocked we lost tonight.  I knew the Cards would show up.  I knew Wacha would be tough.  What I am surprised about is the way we lost.  Once Papi went yabo I thought this series was over.  I didn’t see us imploding like we did letting 2 runs come in on a sac fly.    So it looks like this series is officially on now.  Good.   I was getting sick of sweeping people in the Fall Classic anyway.   Sox in 5.    And for all the St. Louis fans coming out of the woodwork to chirp at me.  Earmuffs bro.  Earmuffs.





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