Buzzfeed’s Logic For Publishing “Unverified” Trump/Russia Report Is Actually Ridiculous

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I want to get this up and just say that the logic here is fucking ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they did. I’m glad they published. Content content content. We’re not journalists here and have never claimed to be — we blog about shit that happens. We add commentary/creative writing/whatever we want to stories other people break. We have the coolest job in the world.

But Buzzfeed does claim to be. He literally says “our journalism.” Dude, journalism is not publishing unverified reports and THEN saying “Americans can make up their own minds about the allegations.” What they’re saying is: Yes the allegations are unverified but it’s the people’s job not journalists job to determine how accurate they are.

And that’s complete bullshit. No it’s not. If you claim to be journalists, then it’s 100% YOUR job. You don’t rush to publish shit because “the document was in wide circulation” in the media and in the government. That’s saying: Hey other media has it so we’re good! Better publish!

That’s what we do. Again, I’m glad they published because the documents are fucking hilarious and fascinating and I can’t stop thinking about our President hiring hookers to defile and golden shower the bed of his predecessor in Moscow.

But claiming the publishing was “journalism” is ridiculous. Ever seen Spotlight bro? That’s journalism. They didn’t do a couple emotional interviews and say: Welp, time to publish! No, they scoured all ends of the earth to make sure that shit was VERIFIED VERIFIED VERIFIED. Because that’s their job. That’s what journalists do.

As always, like Dave Portnoy before him, Trump will wiggle out of this the winner. I just know it. You can already sense it. It’s so perfect that the mainstream media’s been hammering “fake news fake news fake news” for months and now the biggest potential “fake news” slip up is all about him. Fucker always wins.

Donnie’s world. Donnie’s Russia. Donnie’s America. Donnie America… back in stock!




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