Bryson DeChambeau Ditches Side-Saddle Putting, Says USGA Sucks


Golf DigestBryson DeChambeau’s side-saddle putting experiment lasted all of two months. He stopped using the stroke last week at Riviera, but withdrew with a hand injury after playing 28 holes in the event.

Friday at the Honda Classic, he pointed the finger directly at the United States Golf Association when asked about his decision to abandon the stroke.

“It [was] a long conversation,” DeChambeau said after a 71 to miss the cut by four shots. “But the USGA essentially doesn’t like me doing it.

“I’m pretty much done with it. They’re not a good organization, and you can quote me on that. I’m part of their family and as family it’s very frustrating to see them stunt the growth of the game.”


So weirdo Bryson DeChambeau has officially dropped the side-saddle putting. He’s blaming the USGA over it, saying they suck, saying they’re stunting the growth of the game. I do not love the USGA but I must say that I don’t think millions of folks were adopting the side-saddle. You’re not getting bumped off the practice greens by people standing behind their golf ball poking at it like a freak.

DeChambeau is considered the “mad scientist” of golf these days. His irons are all the same length and he tinkers in ways other guys don’t. A few weeks ago on the world famous “Fore Play” golf podcast I said I kind of liked him because he’s different and smart and wears cool scally caps. Well I officially take that back. He’s a lunatic and withdraws from tourneys after getting sponsor’s exemptions which sucks for everyone.

You can shit on the USGA for many, many things, but don’t act like they’ve doomed the future of the game because you can’t putt from behind your golf ball like a psychopath.

Good start to the year tho.


Also went 73, 71 to MC Hammer the Honda this week.

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