Breaking News: Lucy The Hero Dog Of Dorchester Is Out Of Surgery And Doing Great!

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 (In case you’re living in a cave and didn’t hear about Lucy the Hero Dog Here is my Blog from yesterday)



Facebook – Lucy the hero dog is now out of surgery and on the road to recovery. She was tended to by Drs. Meghan Sullivan and Daniel Frem at Angell Animal Medical Center. And she did great! She’ll spend the night in the hospital and will be discharged tomorrow – to a loving family who cannot wait to have her back. Thank you for your tremendous outpouring of support. Moreover, your generous donations have covered the cost of her surgery. Her family is profoundly grateful, as are we!


YES!   I can’t wait to camp out along Lucy’s walk route and pet the shit out of her..    I’m gonna bring so many toys and treats she’s not gonna know what hit her.   I may even bring like a patch of grass so we can roll around and be besties.  LUCY! LUCY! LUCY!



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