Breaking News: Glenn Ordway About To Be Fired….Cue the Duckboats! – A seismic shakeup at sports radio station WEEI is apparently imminent, with longtime host Glenn Ordway being replaced on its afternoon drive program by Mike Salk, a Boston native who has co-hosted a program on 710 ESPN in Seattle since 2009. Multiple industry sources have said that Salk, a Buckingham Brown and Nichols graduate with previous Boston radio experience at 1510 and the now-defunct ESPN 890, has been heavily pursued by WEEI to replace Ordway, a staple on the Boston sports radio scene since the ’70s, and that he will accept the job. According to sources, Ordway was called in for a meeting with program director Jason Wolfe Tuesday night to discuss the situation. It’s expected that Salk will be paired with Ordway’s current co-host, Michael Holley, in the 2-6 p.m. time slot. The pairing of Salk and Holley, who was moved from middays to afternoon drive in February 2011 when he signed a new multi-year contract, would give WEEI a program that would logically trend younger. WEEI has typically been overwhelmed in the younger Arbitron demographics by rival 98.5 The Sports Hub. The fall is a precipitous one for Ordway even by the volatile standards of the radio business. In September 2009, Entercom, WEEI’s parent company, cut his salary in half after the program failed to finish among the top three stations in the Boston market for a particular demographic in a specific number of consecutive Arbitron books.

Na Na Na Na….Na Na Na Na….Hey Hey Hey Goodbye!   There is nothing and I mean nothing I love doing more than bathing in the tears of my vanquished enemies. Everybody just getting fired over at WEEI. Glenn Ordway out. Jason Wolfe packing his bags. I LOVE it. Oh you think WEEI is too old? You think they don’t know how to connect to a younger demo? Gee ya think?  Maybe that’s why they fired me over Howitzergate and acted like it was the end of the universe which effectively ruined their one real chance to become relevant again.   Oh well.  I hate to say I told you so but I told you so.  It looks like we can chalk up Glenn Ordway as yet another fool who predicted our demise only to fade into bolivian himself.  Good riddance Glen. Enjoy the nursing home.

PS – I tweeted this out yesterday.  But to whoever takes over as the new program director at WEEI once that midget Jason Wolfe is fired I will gladly revisit saving your station.   You can fight it all you want, but I’m your only answer to 98.5   Call me cocky, call me arrogant, call me whatever you want.  Ball don’t lie.  Davey Pageviews numbers don’t lie.   The solution is sitting right in front of your nose.


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