Bradley The Dachshund Sacrifices His Life Protecting 2 Men From A Bear


Northern Michigan’s News Leader

Lifewithdogs – Bradley was only 4 pounds, but that didn’t stop him from taking on a black bear to protect two men. The dachshund is being credited with saving those men’s lives and heroically giving his own life to do so. On Saturday a group of friends were visiting John Force at his home in Oscoda County, Michigan. Two of the friends decided to venture out into the woods and took Bradley along with them.They were riding in a golf cart when they came across a mama bear and her cubs. The two men knew they were in trouble but then Bradley came to their defense. “Brad jumped off the golf cart and attacked the big bear, they got into a scuffle,” said Force.The two men were eventually able to scare the bear away with loud noises, but Bradley suffered severe bite wounds. He was rushed to the animal hospital, but he would not survive. The Force family says Bradley was always fearless and protective, even more so than the Force’s larger dogs.“He was only four to five pounds, but in his mind I think he thought he was 100 lbs,” said Lisa Force. “I would expect him to protect me before the Rottweilers probably.” His fearless actions helped save the Force’s friends. The Force family misses Bradley, but they are proud of him. “It ain’t the size of the dog in the fight, but the fight in the dog that counts, and that sums it up for Bradley.”


Everybody always shits on me because I have a small dog. Oh pres you’re such a pussy with that little dog. That’s not a real dog. My dog would eat your dog blah, blah, blah. I don’t hold it against people. Hey I was like you before I had a small dog. Kind of always thumbed my nose at little dogs. But my wife had Stella before I met her so she came with the package. Guess what? She’s the best fucking dog in the world. This is what small dogs do. They don’t give a fuck. They don’t care how big they are or how big anybody else is. They are ready to throw down at a moment’s notice if they sense trouble. And that’s exactly what Bradley did. The only thing this guy said wrong is Bradley 100% has a fear filter. He knew he was fucked the second he attacked this bear. He did it anyway because he wanted to keep them safe. That’s what dogs do. Man’s best friend for a reason. If this was a cat it probably would have called the bear on the telephone and told them where to meet in the woods so they could ambush these guys and then they would have had a 5 course dinner Hannibal Lector style eating them with forks and knifes and with creepy jazz music playing in the background.

RIP Bradley. All dogs go to heaven.

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