Boston Might Get The Olympics In 2024


(Globe)Go ahead: Imagine a torch relay along the Charles River or a dash up Heartbreak Hill with a gold medal at stake. The faintest flicker of the Olympic flame has been lit over Boston. A private group called the Boston Olympic Exploratory Committee wants to bring the Summer Games to Boston in 2024, and hopes to get Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s blessing to pursue preliminary support from local businesses. It expects to win the mayor’s approval soon, following a promising meeting with City Hall officials Monday, said committee chairman Eric Reddy of West Boylston. Two weeks ago, the United States Olympic Committee solicited bids from Boston and 34 other municipalities. The positive report from the Monday meeting at City Hall is the earliest indication the city may give the idea real consideration. Menino has not commented publicly on the USOC’s invitation, and his office did not respond to Globe inquiries.


Lot of people talking about this today. Obviously everyone is either vehemently against it or thinks it’s the greatest idea ever. I, on the other hand, see both sides.

I mean, it’s cool. That’s just a fact. Olympics in Boston, while an absolute clusterfuck, would be pretty cool. Stoolies love to hate the Olympics and while I agree that 99% of the events are pretty boring, the atmosphere would be fun. I went to the Winter Classic and I remember that the whole feeling on Landsdowne was that it was a sports holiday (even though it was a real holiday too), the Olympics, theoretically, would be that feeling for an entire month. That’s exciting. Also, you gotta imagine that they’d have to change the bar and T schedules for that month, right? Can’t invite the world to your party and then put away the booze once it gets dark out. Would be kind of nice to be able to buy a beer after 1:30 and not have to fight to the death for a cab ride home.

On the other hand, there’s just no way it happens. Remember the Big Dig? Yeah, we’re not too great at building shit in a timely manner. Although I guess that doesn’t really matter as almost zero of the events would actually take place “in” Boston. 100 years ago we didn’t even have room for a baseball field in town without making it all ridiculous, don’t think we’re gonna find a spot for track stadiums, soccer stadiums, huge fucking pools, and housing today.  To be honest I don’t even know why it’s being discussed. It appears the Globe broke it so maybe they’re just trying to sell papers to get their buying price up? Because if the odds we get the Olympics in 2024 was set at zero I’d take the under.



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