Boston Globe Writer Pete Abraham Gives Half Assed Apology After Calling A Red Sox Fan A Racist For No Reason, Has A History Of Being An Asshole

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It’s been a lot of fun watching this guy burn to the ground. If you’ve been out of the loop, Boston Globe writer Pete Abraham, as he’s been known to do, got involved in a Twitter conversation with a random fan so that he could defend a player without being asked to. He’s objective, though! A Big J journalist like him has to be! Although, I do find it odd that whenever he writes a positive story about a player, he tags them on Twitter, but when it’s a negative story, he just writes their names. Weird.

You know what else is weird? Calling a fan a racist for simply saying that the Red Sox are better off without David Price. Now, I’ll jump in here really quick and say that no…no, they’re not. That’s a pretty dumb take, and I’m sure most would agree. However, I’m not sure that most would also immediately jump to racism as a motive for a Red Sox fan not wanting Price on their team. He’s coming off a disappointing season, and hasn’t exactly endeared himself to the fans with his recent comments, either. But racist? Little bit of a reach there, don’t ya think?

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For those who aren’t aware, because I wasn’t until Pete enlightened me, the “Grand Wizard” is the leader of the KKK. You know, one of the most hateful and hated groups on planet earth. As you can imagine, Pete calling a Red Sox fan a racist and the King of the Klan with absolutely zero proof didn’t exactly go over well with Red Sox fans. From that point forward, fans trashed Pete’s Twitter mentions every time he tweeted something.





This barrage of tweets finally forced Pete to apologize for his comments…two days later…at midnight…on St. Patrick’s Day in Boston. Very sincere.

And he went with the “I didn’t mean to call YOU the leader of the KKK. I meant to call somebody ELSE that. Common mistake. Happens all the time,” excuse. It’s a classic. Shockingly, Red Sox fans weren’t buying this one, and he had to apologize (again) on Toucher and Rich this morning, but he stuck with the same lame ass excuse.

My favorite part about that interview was him trying to justify in his brain that only seven percent of the world hates him. Not true. I can’t even tell you how many people — fans, media members, etc. — that have reached out and thanked me for exposing this dude for the asshole that he is. What do you mean? Just because of that one tweet? No. You think this is the first time that he’s done this? Oh, no, no, no.




This one makes me fucking cringe. Pete tweets about David Ortiz, fan makes a snarky comment about grounding into double plays, Pete immediately implies that fans who criticize Ortiz are racist, even though Ortiz grounded into the most double plays of any player on the Red Sox the season prior, which was this fan’s point. WILD move. But no, guys. The “Grand Wizard” thing was just a one-time deal. Pete definitely doesn’t have this weird obsession with thinking that all Red Sox fans who have a negative take on a non-white player are racist.

UPDATE: Here’s another one:

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Come to think of it, now it’s all starting to make sense why he would be such an asshole to me about the Pablo Sandoval/Instagram story. Remember that one? Sandoval was on his phone during a game, I happened to catch it and tweet it, like uhhh…what the fuck’s this guy doing? Story blew up, Sandoval ended up admitting it and getting benched for a game. But before he admitted it, Pete was VERY adamant that it could not have been Pablo who was on Instagram during the game.

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Then, Pablo admitted it:

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So, Pete goes from “It wasn’t him” and “Couldn’t have been” him to, everybody does it, and I’m a stalker for looking at my own Instagram feed. Got it. These fuckin’ beat guys are the worst. At the end of that season, I got this email, too:


Ya, Pete. Cite me in the Boston Globe for the biggest story I’ve ever been linked to as Jared Carrabis the big Red Sox fan. Thanks, that’ll do, you condescending dickhead fuck. Please don’t mention that I’m the Red Sox writer for Barstool Sports, one of the biggest media outlets in this market, and also the blog that you tweet at all their writers on a regular basis so that people think you’re cool. Please don’t mention Barstool in your story. Would hate to get that kind of credibility for the company I work for.

You know, I was laying into this guy over the weekend on Twitter, and a couple people had tweeted me being like, “Oh, come on. Give the guy a break. He apologized,” and blah, blah, blah. That reminded me of this message that I got after the Baseball Writers Dinner this past January.


After I tweeted that message out, I had a few people telling me that they were unfollowing Pete on Twitter. Doesn’t matter. He’ll just buy some new followers to replace you.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 11.32.35 AM


Fuck this guy. I actually had someone close to me say, don’t put this blog out. Don’t be the bully. They didn’t understand that Pete’s the bully. I was the kid that he bullied for years, who later grew up and came back to stuff the bully in a locker and set it on fire.

Pete’s the perfect example of the old, dying brand of media that says, “I went to journalism school, and I write for a newspaper, therefore I am better than you.” The reality is, there’s room for beat writers, columnists, bloggers, etc. in this market. To their credit, some of the old guard has recognized this, adapted and welcomed the new blood with open arms. Then you have guys like Pete, who choose to stand their ground, refuse to recognize that the industry is changing, and live a miserable existence, all while calling their target audience racist on Twitter for no reason.

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