Big Weekend For Buzzer Beaters And Stool Attire

First we had the New Rochelle absolutely insane final heave


And wouldn’t you know it one of the most hyped up bros in the pile is wearing the Purple Starfish winter hat


Then in the Cushing vs Avon NEPSAC championship we had another buzzer beater.


And this bro running all over the court owning the shit out of the #145 Starfish pinny


So what does this all mean, you ask? Exactly what we knew all along: where there is big and exciting sports news, the Stool will be there. Unless it takes a press pass or even an ounce of journalism knowledge. In which case, c’mon dude. It’s Sunday.

Guess it’s time to be pretty thankful all the good high school basketball teams in the northeast are purple!

Checkout the new store. Shit actually ships in a very timely manner. Making big moves.

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