Better Unintentional Knockout From This Weekend? Who Ya Got?



Three unreal unintentional knockouts from this weekend. I honestly don’t know which one I enjoyed more. Probably the first St. Paddy’s Day one because they just seemed like normal shitfaced dudes doing normal shitfaced stuff. And at least they showed legit concern when they knocked the other guy out. You can’t say the same about the hardos on the beach. First of all who wears a whistle to the beach and who stops the entire beach so he can do a back flip off a jeep? I mean even if he lands that who fucking cares? And what was with him mean mugging the guy he knocked out like he meant to do it? He was acting like that was his mortal enemy or something. I think it was a guy just trying to walk across the beach. Not sure you got to start flexing on him when he’s lying face first in the sand. Poor form.


As far as the makeout one, the girl didn’t seem hurt enough to take it seriously. If she suffered spinal cord injuries I’ll reconsider.

PS – The winner off the intentional knockout category for the weekend goes to this chick.

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