Beluga Whale Just Chilling in the Taunton River

belwah whale



Boston.comThe Fall River Herald News has spoken to actual scientists and confirmed that, yes, there is a Beluga whale in the Taunton River. The International Fund for Animal Welfare spotted the whale and confirmed its existence on June 18. Belugas are rare in this area, preferring instead the colder waters of the Arctic Ocean. The New England Aquarium’s Tony LaCasse made a charming analogy to the Herald News to explain why the young whale may be here: “When do you backpack across Europe or road trip across country? When you’re young. Sea animals have the same sort of ambitions as humans,” LaCasse said.



Fucking nature bitches!  I love this shit.  Everybody knows whales, sharks and ocean life is my bag.  Seriously I’d freak if I saw this whale in the Taunton River.  Just freak.   Is it a baby too?  Thing looks tiny.    As a sidenote where is his family?  Or are Beluga Whale’s loners?   I bet he’s lonely as fuck.  I wouldn’t mind throwing on some snorkel gear and just chilling with his ass.  Keep him company and shit.    First thing we’d do is get his ass out of Taunton.  That’s no place for moguls and whales to hang out.  Everybody knows Nantucket is the place to swim and be seen.

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