Barstool Sports Treadmill Challenge


In case people missed the origin of this contest, here it is. Guy broke the marathon record by running at a pace that’s basically maxspeed on a treadmill for over 2 hours. We wanted to see how long we could last.


That will teach me to doubt myself, huh? As soon as we got to the gym I started to get worried I had talked a big game, started getting cold feet and hedging my bets on lasting 45 seconds on a treadmill at fullspeed. Silly me. Of course I could do it. That very well may be the easiest thing I did all day. Before today the fastest treadmill I’d been on in years was the moving sidewalk at the airport and I just stepped up and smashed my estimated time. Absolute cake.


PS – Notice that these guys were walking when I first got on the treadmill, then ramped it up because I was just embarrassing them. Yeah, that’s max speed. If you want results like me you gotta go full-tilt, full-time.

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 4.58.21 PM



PPS – What, was this guy intimidated by my body? Want me to put more clothes on or something? Sorry, but they don’t throw a sheet over the statue of David.



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