Barstool Press Conference – Comment Section Round Up Has Begun

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FROM SPAGS: Chief of Police


As Pres said above, the goal here is to get the comments section back to being funny and as worth reading as the blogs themselves. We all see you guys on Twitter, we know you’ve got interesting things to say. So now’s your chance to be funny and, more importantly, be an important part of Barstool that people care about again.

Here are the five main rules we’re using to moderate the comments moving forward. Should be real common sense stuff:

1) Comments should be about the blog, blogger, or related to the topic at hand. Off-topic or “look at me” comments will be deleted

We don’t care about the girls you’ve banged or how much you drank or if you hate this commenter or that commenter. Keep it about the topic at hand.

2) Overtly racist or derogatory comments will be deleted

No topics are off limits at Barstool but there’s a difference between being funny when joking about various “taboo” subjects other sites are afraid of and just being a racist or misogynistic idiot. We all know the difference.

3) Personal information of any sort will be deleted and may result in a banning

Barstool blogs a lot of sensitive topics and covers people in the news with sharp commentary. That doesn’t mean we want to see their lives ruined, directly or indirectly. Things like real names and links to private social media accounts or info will be deleted.

4) Negative opinions are fine as long as they’re on-topic

You think one of our bloggers sucks or is an idiot? Cool, that’s fine. We’re not deleting these comments as long as they’re relevant to what’s going on. No one here has a delicate ego at this point. But don’t be a dick just for the sake of being a dick.

5) Be funny, insightful, or interesting

This is by far the most important thing. Don’t just comment dumb shit for the sake of it. We like when you guys are funny, even if it’s mean towards us. But it should be adding value to the blog in some way.



You want the comment section to be great again? Here’s your chance. Voice your complaints and suggestions below.

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