Barstool Local Smokeshow of the Day – Courtney From the Zoo

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And the answer is Courtney from the Zoo.   Springfield is the only show this week with tickets still available.  I think there are still like 200 left there or something.  Kind of weird it is going to sell out last, but I have no doubt it will be legendary. Because I swear every able bodied man and woman ages 18-21 within a 10 mile radius of Springfield is going to this thing.  Even the forecasters have taken note saying it may be a blizzard Friday.  Son that ain’t no blizzard.  That’s foam on the radar.

For all you Umass Stoolies we got free buses with a ticket.  Enter the code BUS when buying and you’ll be hooked up with free transportation from Buses 2.  Click here for all the details

Do you know any last minute smokes who need to party for free?  Send them to [email protected]

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