Barstool Blackout Tour Makes It’s Triumphent Return To Lupos 1 Week From Friday! (BONUS URI VIDEO)


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The Barstool Blackout Tour makes it’s triumphant return to Lupos 1 week from Friday.   If I had to put the top 5 venues we’ve been at in the country Lupos is definitely in there.   It’s the perfect sized venue for us.   Not too big.  Not too small.  Perfect.   It’s our only stop in Little Vegas this semester.  So all you URI, Providence, Roger Williams, Salve, Johnson and Wales, Bryant stoolies and stoolettes get ready for the chaos.  Right now we have about 200 tickets left. Those will for sure be gone by show time.  Don’t get shut out.

And remember all former smokes party for free.  Just send paul and email at [email protected] to be added to our guestlist.    And if you know any smokes who need to come nominate them at [email protected]


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