Bar Rafaeli Being Forced To Make Out With A Gross Kid In Her New GoDaddy Commercial Is Antisemitic


Gross.  This is gross.  The sounds, the faces, the closeups everything.  This is antisemitism at it’s finest.  Go Daddy must be run by neo nazi’s or something.  Trying to take the Jews greatest weapon and reduce her to salt.   Embarrass the chosen people.  I don’t care that Bar said she absolutely loved it on the Today Show this morning.  That she enjoyed all 47 takes or however many it took.  That she said her dream has always been to walk into a club and kiss some ugly guy so the whole place is shocked and everyone remembers it forever.   Go Daddy probably had her family held at gunpoint in the green room when she said this.   No way she’d do this on her own free will.    Because while she’s saying she loved it her “I’m about to puke all over the place” face says differently.  I want a full investigation.   As a Jew I will not and can not stand for this.



PS – God damn this fucking kid! What can’t he do? Guy has better range than Adrian Grenier



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