Author Is Looking For Female Participant For Book Project (Your Role Is To Let Him Fuck You For 30 Days)

Author needs female participant for affair (for book project)

(Craigslist) My name is Chad Leslie Peters and I am the author of the Amazon bestselling novel, The Affair: a Thirty Day Experiment in Love, which reached the top twenty in the Amazon erotic category last year. The novel told the story of a 30 day erotic affair between an older man and his much younger lover. The “affair” began on the campus of a university much like USC and played out over several torrid weeks. You can find the book at Amazon by searching for “The Affair by Chad Leslie Peters”. You can sample it for free at the site. I will also send you a free copy if you like.

I am preparing to write the sequel to “The Affair” and I need your help. I plan on writing a non-fiction version of “The Affair”. The book will detail every aspect of a mutually-agreed to romantic affair between myself and a young FEMALE lover (perhaps you), experienced over 30 days, as in the novel. The difference between the first book and this one will be verite: everything in this new volume will be the truth as both participants see it. If you agree to participate in this project, you will keep a diary of all of your thoughts, impressions and memories of the thirty day affair that we will share. I will then combine your written thoughts with my own to present the reader with two versions of the same erotic story. One love affair, as seen separately by the man and woman.

I am a serious writer; this project is meant to be taken seriously by the participant that I choose and by the readers, who will be able to read the fictional version beside the non-fiction story that we present together. This has never been done before and I am very excited at the prospect and possibilities.

If you are interested in applying to assist me on this book, which will be available through Amazon and possibly later on, Barnes and, please write to me immediately.

I will make the selection based on a brief email correspondence with you. After that we will speak on the telephone and I will furnish further details. Then we will meet for coffee to discuss the project further. I am looking for someone who is a very good writer (your writing will appear in the book) and preferably an English or writing Major. Please practice safe sex if you want to participate. You must be at least 20 years old to take part in the project. I hope I’ve piqued your interest and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Oh man. Gotta love Chad’s ambition here. Sometimes when you’ve reached the pinnacle of your profession you need to start playing games with yourself just to stay interested. Like when Bird decided to play a whole game shooting left handed. He was bored with the competition, just like Chad is. I mean the guy has already reached the top twenty in the Amazon erotic category. Where do you even go from there? What keeps you getting out of bed in the morning? I’ll tell you what, trying to convince a 21 year old chick that she’s participating in a ground breaking novel meanwhile she’s just getting dicked and keeping a journal for absolutely zero percent on the back end.

PS – the difference between the first book and this one will be “verite”? Jesus bro you already told her you were a great writer. Once you made the sale stop sellin’.

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