Australian Rugby Team In Hot Water For Lighting A Dwarf On Fire At A Party


This video cracks me up. Everyone in Australia just laughing their balls off at a dwarf getting set on fire by a group of drunken rugby players. Can you imagine if this happened in the NFL? Goodell would have everyone suspended for 6 games immediately. Skip Bayless and Stephen A would talk about how evil and disrespectful the players are, Bob Costas would wax poetic about the continued fall of Western Civilization. But in Australia? Nope. Everyone from the sportscasters to the head of the league thinks it’s just about the funniest thing that’s every happened. Because you know what? It is. A drunken midget, wearing a leotard, running around on fire is funny. Australia gets that. They’re a land where men can still be men and get drunk and light people on fire when they need to blowoff some steam after the season ends.


PS – If that dwarf had any balls he would have kept his mouth shut. Occupational hazard. You’re a dwarf performer and sometimes people light you on fire. You think those rugby players complain when they get hurt on the field? Doubt it. Probably just hold a cold Fosters on it then get back out there.

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