Anybody Who Says Anything Bad About Wes Welker Is An Idiot


Am I happy that Wes Welker went to the Broncos? Obviously not. But anybody who is saying anything bad about Wes Welker right now is a MORON.  Anybody who thinks Wes Welker spit in NE’s eye is a certified moron.  This is a Kevin Youkilis situation. The Patriots flat didn’t want Welker anymore. They were already phasing him out of the offense before everybody got hurt and they were forced to focus on him again because he was last man standing. The writing was on the wall. All accounts say that Welker gave the Pats a chance to match what ended up being chump change.  The Broncos game him 12 million for 2 years.  The Pats offered 10 for 2.   If anybody is spitting in anybody’s eye it was the Patriots spitting in Welker’s eye here. The Pats think Welker is done, period. That’s all there is too it. I can’t be mad at the Patriots. This is how they do business. If they don’t think you can help them anymore it doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past. That’s just the Patriot Way. It’s the way that makes us the Superbowl favorite virtually every single year. Can’t complain about it. And you certainly can’t complain about what Wes Welker did either. Guy wants to win. He went to the best fit available. He owes us nothing. Automatic standing ovation next time he comes to Foxboro. Automatic. Anybody who says differently is a fool.

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