Any Umass Kid Who Goes To This Knockoff Foam Snoozefest Is A Traitor And A Communist


So in Umass’s most blatant disregard for the US Constitution yet they have decided to host a knockoff foam party at Mullins Center. Everybody else can come to Umass just not Barstool because they don’t like our website. Fuck freedom of speech right?  And as if that’s not kicking enough dirt in my face the company that is doing it is the same company that stole the domain name barstoolblackouttour and redirected it to their site because that’s the only way anybody could find out about them. It’s the same company I had a problem with in Albany who paid and bribed kids to change their Barstool facebook groups because nobody would join their groups unless they thought it was for Barstool. That’s who Umass booked. Apparently these scumbags can get the venue but not us. Awesome.

Listen I already know people who go to this show are going to demand a refund. The only reason they can charge 40 bucks is because we’ve created the demand for a foam show and people think this will be similar, but it won’t. These guys do 500 people parties at Webster Hall in NYC where their owner owns the venue.  They can’t do arenas. That’s why they called our foam guy to ask him if he could do the Mullins Center for them. They don’t even realize that I own all our equipment and bought it custom for our tour.

But none of that is even the point of this blog. I don’t care if this was the best party in the history of civilization. If you have an ounce of pride, if you’ve laughed once at anything I’ve written over the past decade, if you’ve ever been to one of our events, if you were a smokeshow, if you believe in America then you owe it to yourself to boycott this debacle. There is ZERO explanation how this event is allowed at Umass and we’re not. The administration wins if you go to this party. The riot cops win. The pussification of America wins. We/you can’t let that happen. If that means we have to come picket this shit than so be it. They can’t stop that right? I mean peaceful demonstrations are still legal in the United States? Or maybe not? Honestly I can’t tell anymore what parts of the Constitution Umass administrators choose to follow.

So if you believe in America share this page….And if you have any doubt about our history with Umass just google Zoomass and see what comes up.  Not in our house!


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