Antoine Dodson Has Quit The Gay And Knocked Up A Bitch



TMZ – First he announced he was no longer gay, now Antoine Dodson has announced he’s expecting. The previously openly gay man famous for having his bed intruder comments during a local newscast auto-tuned has decided he’s straight and impregnated a woman. Mr Dodson announced he was straight at the same time he proclaimed himself the ‘True Chosen Hebrew Israelite descendant of Judah’ on Facebook.

Just thought this was something people should know. Antoine Dodson quit the gay and stuffed a bitch. Knocked her right the fuck up. Why did I feel this was blog worthy? Well you don’t want to be that asshole in the bar who doesn’t know this. And at the very least it’s a big time ice breaker. “Like hey cute girl I have nothing to say to. You know that Bed Intruder song guy? Yeah we’ll he’s straight now and laying pipe all over the place. Can I buy you a drink?” Boom you’re in.

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