Another Story Of A Dude Playing Girl’s Field Hockey In Dennis-Yarmouth

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WALPOLE — Max Allen knows that all eyes are on him every time he puts his gear on and takes the field as a member of the Dennis-Yarmouth field hockey team. He also knows that not all of those eyes are supportive, being that he is a boy playing a girls sport. Under the Equal Rights Amendment, the 6-foot-3 junior goaltender has a right to play, and has unquestionably been a key factor in the team’s success — as the Dolphins have a combined record of 34-4-3 during his two years manning the cage. D-Y has allowed just four goals all season, the last of which came in last night’s 1-0 loss to Walpole in a Division 1 South semifinal at Turco Field.  Allen said after playing Walpole for the second year in a row in the sectional semis. “We play tournaments together, I know everyone and they welcome it as well. They think it’s awesome. This is the first time that a coach has been really outspoken about it and the crowd was against me. I kind of heard it but otherwise, it is what it is. I am the elephant in the room.” He continued, saying, “I just block it out. I don’t really hear it. I have a right to be out here playing. It is what it is. It’s not against the law and I’m not doing anything bad. I’m just here playing the sport that I love to play.” Those opposed to allowing boys to play girls sports cite the obvious physical differences between male and female athletes, and Allen’s style of play certainly lends some credence to that argument. He is not afraid to come flying out of the cage to kick a ball away, or dive toward a loose ball, and his large, lanky frame can be intimidating for the smaller girls he is playing against.


I feel like we’re good for one of these stories every single year. The old dude field hockey player routine. I say the same thing everytime. I don’t gives a fuck if guys play field hockey in other countries or that it’s an Olympic sport. Here in the United States we speak English and field hockey is a chick sport. End of story. If you have a cock you shouldn’t be allowed to play. There should be no debate. I never understand what is going on in guys heads like this? You got to be psycho right? I mean are you that insecure? Does your life suck that bad? Go join the band or the Dungeons and Dragons club brah. World needs ditch diggers too. Oh and how the fuck do you not win the state championship? Honestly that’s the most embarrassing part of this story. Not only is he happily competing against girls, he can’t even beat em.

PS – I’m not sure how I feel if a guy is an openly gay flaming homosexual? Like Carsen Kressley from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Maybe then you can play. But that’s it.

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