And the Pussification of America Continues: Windham NH Bans Dodgeball Because Kids Become “Human Targets”

Eagletribune- Dodgeball has been banned in Windham schools, due to concerns about violence and bullying. The School Board voted, 4-1, last week to remove dodgeball and nine other “human target” activities from the district’s curriculum. The vote was taken after a committee of physical education teachers studied the issue, then recommended eliminating the games. “We spend a lot of time making sure our kids are violence free,” Windham superintendent Dr. Henry LaBranche said. “Here we have games where we use children as targets. That seems to be counter to what we are trying to accomplish with our anti-bullying campaign.” A middle school parent complained his child was bullied during a game of dodgeball. That prompted LaBranche to form the teachers’ committee to student “human target” games. The NASPE said there are any number of reasons to drop dodgeball.

“It’s an elimination game,” said Andrew Mead, program manager at NASPE. “Games like dodgeball and tag don’t keep kids involved and physically active. They objectify slower students who don’t catch as well.” With dodgeball off the menu in Windham, LaBranche said officials are looking for alternatives.“The physical and developmental skills are still important,” he said. “We just want to incorporate them into an activity where we don’t use youngsters as targets.”

Primetime pussification of America story right here. . It’s not even that they are debating whether dodgeball is dangerous anymore or not. It’s that it hurts kids feelings. That throwing a ball at a kid is bullying them. It’s wild. I mean saying dodgeball involves “human targeting” has to be the most over the top description for dodgeball in the history of descriptions right? It makes it sound like kids are getting hunted down in the woods and murdered Hunger Games styles. And how about this quote

“Dodgeball objectifies slower students who don’t catch as well.”

First of all who cares if it does? At some point Little Johnny has to realize he’s a band guy not a sports guy. You can’t protect kids from the truth forever. But to be honest if I sucked at sports dodgeball would be the sport I’d want to play the most. You get hit once and you go sit down. All other team sports you got to stay on the field while the other team picks on you. Oh you can’t catch? I’m gonna keep kicking the ball to you ever time bro. You keep making errors and letting down the entire team. Dodgeball actually gives dorks an easy way out of Gym Class which is probably what they want in the first place.

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