And the Pussification of America Continues: High School Lax Coach Fired After 20 Years For Being “Too Controversial” (Wink Wink – Parents Complained About Playing Time For Thier Son)



Riverheadnewsreview – For the first time in nearly 20 years, Tom Rotanz won’t be behind the bench of the Shoreham-Wading River varsity boys lacrosse team this spring. Superintendent Steven Cohen confirmed Tuesday night he will not recommend Mr. Rotanz to be reinstated as coach and said the district has posted the position and other coaching jobs in the district as available. Mr. Rotanz said he had spoken to Mr. Cohen last Thursday and was allegedly told he could be rehired for one more year so long as he agreed to resign the next year. When he refused, Mr. Rotanz — who has coached in the district since 1995 and led the boys lacrosse team to a Long Island championship last year — was told he was “too controversial” to remain on as coach, Mr. Rotanz said.“I found it odd that I was OK for this coming spring, then why wouldn’t I be OK for the following one?” Mr. Rotanz said.

The apparent dismissal sparked an outcry from supporters of the coach and the school’s championship-winning program at the school board’s meeting Tuesday night, which became heated when a member of the public nearly goaded a board member into fighting him before the board member was restrained and the speaker escorted out by security. The debate over Mr. Rotanz’s job reached a fever pitch when John Ryan from the Community Journal newsletter took the podium and began admonishing board vice president John Zukowski over rumors about his child. Mr. Ryan was quickly cut off by board members, but Mr. Ryan continued to demand answers and Mr. Zukowski told the man to sit down. “Why don’t you make me sit down?” Mr. Ryan challenged, drawing gasps from the crowd. Mr. Zukowski sprung up from his chair and began walking toward the man before he was stopped by district officials. Mr. Ryan was ushered out of the room by security. As Mr. Zukowski returned to his seat, incensed, members of the audience jeered at the board member to applause from the crowd. While he later apologized for his actions at the end of the meeting, Mr. Zukowski said, “say what you want about me, but leave my family out of it.”


First things first.  I laughed out loud at this part from the School Board Meeting….

Mr. Ryan (member of audience) continued to demand answers and Mr. Zukowski (VP of School Board) told the man to sit down. “Why don’t you make me sit down?” Mr. Ryan challenged, drawing gasps from the crowd.

Just something about saying their were gasps from the crowd I found funny.  Anyway it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out what is going on here. This coach is being fired for the same reason virtually every high school coach gets fired nowadays in America. It has nothing to do with winning or being a good coach. It’s because some kids parents complained about playing time. That’s it. That’s what leads to a coaches demise 100% of the time. It’s the pussification of America at it’s finest. If Little Johnny doesn’t get to be a star you complain till the coach gets fired. Who cares if he won the Long Island championship last year and is one of the best coaches in the state? As long as Little Johnny gets his varsity letter that’s all that matters.

But what makes this one a little different is that if I’m reading inbetween the lines here it’s the School Board VP’son who sucks at Lacrosse so he had the coach fired. That’s why there was nearly a fight at this meeting which would have been awesome by the way. My favorite part of stories like these is always how the players and parents rally around the coach. Everybody from the past 20 years saying what a privilege it was to play for this guy. But 1 disgruntled parent trumps all that and he gets fired.

Meanwhile in South Korea Putin has just been declared a 9th degree blackbelt which is the highest honor in Taekwando. Chuck Norris is only an 8 to give you some perspective. So you tell me which country is winning? The one where championship coaches get fired by parents or the one where the President is becoming a 9th degree black belt and karate chopping the shit out of people.



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